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What is The Keto Man Cave?

The Keto Man Cave is a brotherhood of men, breaking down the barriers of seclusion. While establishing relationships and awareness for our mental & physical health on the ketogenic lifestyle.

What is the mission behind The Keto Man Cave?

The Keto Man Cave would be about men talking about men things.

Making light of tough situations (jokes), talking about how keto has changed our lives.

Talking about things that no one actually talks about on keto but is a great benefit for men.

Breaking down the barriers of seclusion (thoughts of I have no one to relate or talk to) and

Creating value while educating others on how to be successful on their keto journey.

About the Founder: Joseph Gay, III

 Hey guys, my name is Joseph but most call me Joe. I am a husband of almost 13 years to my amazing wife LaToya and dedicated father of 5 incredible kids.

I starting my ketogenic journey alongside my wife in July 2019. We struggled along the way, was very overwhelmed and wished we had the resources that are available to us now.

Together and with the help with several family/friends in the keto/low-carb community, we lost almost 200 lbs and feel absolutely amazing.

 I created The Keto Man Cave with the hopes of encouraging other men, fathers, husbands, male figure that keto really can work if you do the work.